What you will see in 2017?


1.Artificial intelligence.



There is lots of heat in the technology world about the artificial intelligence.

Every other leading company in the world is either talking or working on the artificial intelligence.

So what actually is the artificial intelligence.?

In simple words, AI means making the machine learn by themselves and not only to learn but to improve by themselves.

AI is a machine with the ability to solve the problems which are usually solved by the human being.

Earlier main aim of the AI is to simulate the higher functions of the human brain

Today lots of big company Like Google, Intel, Facebook spending lots of money to develop the product that uses AI.

Some  of the  great functionality of the AI is

Reorganization of human faces


finding a relationship between different objects.

Language understanding.

2.Smart home.

The smart home is nothing but the extension of the artificial intelligence.Smart home technology completely going to change we live.Have you ever imagined how cool it will be if you control your electronic appliances with your smartphone?Yes, it is totally possible with the evolution of increasingly sophisticated sensors and faster growth in the wireless and broadband connectivity.

It basically fully automated all the things that we are using.

a smart home is nothing but the integration of internet of things(Iots) and the AI.

Google smart home and Samsung’s eco home are few examples of smart home.

3.Big data

In this world when everything is becoming digitalized even your identity.Data are becoming the important currency in this digital age. When everyone and everything is coming to the digital so

Why should you care about the big data?


we all who are using social media, mail services produce the huge amount of data in their day to day life.

In fact, daily we upload 55 million pictures,340million tweets, and 1 billion documents in total we produce2.5 quintillion bytes of data.this is the BIG DATA. To manage this huge amount of data ?we don’t need huge computers. Due to the advancement in the cloud technology, with endless networks and various complicated algorithms integrated within it .data are being processed.various companies analyze the data of their customers in to give the right and good product.

Here’s top 10 companies using Big Data are:

Amazon, American Express, BDO, Capital One, General Electric (GE), Miniclip, Netflix, Next Big Sound, Starbucks, T-Mobile.


With the increase in the no of the internet users, it won’t e possible for the company to entertain it’s all users so many companies are coming with the idea of the chatbots these are the kind of AI bots.Which listen to your query and provide solutions accordingly.In other words, chatbots are a computer program which communicates via auditory or textual methods.

The best example of the chatbot is the googles’ virtual assistant Google’s assistant.