This blog is not just about the biography of the great Steve but also about the things that made him different from the others entrepreneurs.

Steve Jobs was not only one of the great entrepreneurs that  the world has ever seen

but one of the great motivational speaker.

He knows how to connect the people with the technology and make them believe in it.

Before the 1970s no one knows that  Personal Computers can be used by the common people.

but it was the Steve job who introduced the computer to the common people.

He knows how to connect the people with the company.

Because he believes that “people will believe not in the product that you make but the vision that you follow. because people will believe in what you believe in”.

He understands the needs and demands of the market very well.


He knows this thing very well and this is totally reflected in his revolutionary  ad campaigns and of one the best add that I like most is  “Think Different -Apple ad campaign -1997”

Here are snaps of that Ad.

The beauty of these Ads is that it made the people connect with the company.

He one among the few entrepreneurs in the world who was loved by most people.

People were crazy about the Steve Jobs.

He demands the perfection in every little thing even if that thing does not make the change to that product.

This is totally reflected when he uses his calligraphy in one of his Project.

He focuses on his vision so much that he even fire his one of the talented employee because that guy was arguing with him about his calligraphy project.

Here the snaps from the movie JOBS.



Great dreamer and great visionary that changed the world.

What can you learn from the life of the Steve Jobs?

Here are some of the life lessons from Steve Jobs that you can implement in your life.

1.Do  what you love

Steve Jobs said that he was lucky that he found his passion early in life.

jobs and woz started the Apple in his parent’s  Garage when he was 20.

“you got to find what you love.”

It’s better to find your passion as early in life as early because at young you don’t have anything to loss.

you don’t have a family to look for you have your life to focus on.

Chase your dream

Even after firing from the Apple he always had a passion for computing which made him a winner again.


2.Knowing your time is limited

He said that you have very limited time.Don’t waste your time living someone else dreams.

work for your dream.


“If today was the last day of my life would I want to do what I’m about to do today?”-JOBS


3.Rise from Your Failure.

After he started the company everything was working fine and great and within the 10 years, the company had grown from the few employees to nearly 4500 employees and Apple worth $10 billion.

Then he got fired from the same company that he started a few years back.

At that time he had only two choices  Either to settle down and cry for rest of his life for what  he lost or

Start from the beginning with what he had.

He chooses to be the second one even one time he thought of running away from the valley.

He then started a company named NEXT computers.And then PIXAR which completely changed the animation industry.

Apple brought the NEXT computers and Jobs returned to the Apple as the company CEO.

And Rest is all history

4.Be a problem solver

He didn’t have that kind of knowledge as his friend Woz and others had.Even though he knew how to solve the problem.He understands the fact about the people what they what.

He understands the problems faced by the people and this is totally reflected in his awesome products. He wants the products to be as simple as possible so that everyone can use the Apple products. That ‘s why the Apple products don’t come with the instruction manual. Because everybody knows how to use it.

5.Follow your Intuition.

Intuition basically means believing in something without having the conscious reasoning.Your intuition and instinct know what you truly to do in your life.They somehow remind you of your passion.

And it is totally worth it to take a risk for your passion.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.They somehow already know what you truly want to become.Everything else is secondary.”-Jobs