How to stay updated with the latest technology?

How to stay updated with the latest technology?


When it comes to aware with the latest technology trends then facebook and the twitter is not your only friends there are lots of other websites, blog, and forum that you can check out in order to abreast with the latest technology trends.Here in this post, we will not tell you the others blog bullshit but the most effective and innovative way to make yourself updated with the tech market.In this post, we will talk about the various web media

1.Visiting amazing websites.

There are lots of noise and shits around the web and lots of option to choose from so what are the websites that you can check out.

Stumbleupon is the must check out the website.This website lets you add your interests during the signing.And based on your interest it will browse throughout the internet and bring you the hot and latest content.This website will not only make you updated with the tech world but also with the things that you are crazy for.things like Travel, movies, cartoons , tv series and much more that you can add to your wishlist and then Start stumbling the internet.

This is a cool and amazing website that one must visit to remain abreast with the latest tech trends.This website has more than 50k active visitors every month.This website has the most interactive content that never lets you bore.In this site, you can also browse the technology according to the brand names like google, yahoo , twitter and much more and stay updated with the technology that they are working on.This website also has their app and youtube channel.It has also the analysis report of the various top notch companies in the tech field.

this website has more than millions unique visitor every month.this website will give updates about the various technology not only this it provides the information about the various tech gadgets that are making the impact on the tech world.Another unique thing about this amazing website is that it gives the review about the various tech without biasing about any particular technology.

2.By following various forums and the communities


This is an amazing website.It brings out the content from top notch tech websites .you can also follow the various people that the great in the tech world and also discuss your ideas with them. and also find those people in other social networking websites like facebook, twitter and google plus.You have to select the kind of the magazine that you are interested in.

Cnet forum

This is one of the most famous forum in the internet. There is huge no of active users in it.There are No of discussions are there about the latest tech topics.You can also ask your questions there and discuss your ideas in it.

Even if you find yourself addicted to the facebook and here is the good news for you there are various amazing Facebook pages that you can follow and still updated with the latest tech trends.




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