5 apps that you can try when you feel bored and want to learn something new!


This is truly amazing app. This is must have app when you feel bored and still want to learn about something news. This app will let you add your interest and search throughout the web based on your interest and provide you the awesome contents. So you don’t need to search the Google every time to get the news or find the information about the particular thing that you are looking for. And one amazing thing about this app is that it randomly search the web so that websites that don’t come on the first page of the Google search and contains that awesome content that you are looking for can be listed here.

2.Curiosity – Get Smarter Daily

yes! another amazing app to stay updated with all the information that is directly or indirectly affecting the world.This is one of the most popular apps that the millions of people are using and getting smarter.This app contains all the things articles, info-graphics, and videos in one place.This contains information about everything around the world in a way that you enjoy every time you open this app.

3.wikiHow: how to do anything

how to do anything! Totally .Have you ever search in the google to know about something that how to do that particular thing?The first link that lists in the Google search is the wikiHow website.They have also maintained an app for their awesome website.This app will tell you how to do a particular thing with a proper step to step guide and with proper graphic representation.


This app needs no introduction. This app is used by millions of people around the world and have millions of active users every day.This app will connect you with the world and with the people around the world.People around the world share their ideas by creating community and have discussions about the particular topic.You can search anything in the app and get the ideas what other people think, Not only this you can also share your ideas with the world.

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5.Flipboard: News For Any Topic

This app will give news from all the fields around the world .News from Startup, celebrity, holly-wood movies ,sports ,politics,science,recipes,fashion,photography,music,world economy and many others and these news are from the worlds famous publications like The Guardian, BBC, The Telegraph, Forbes, Wired UK, Condé Nast, Rolling Stone and many more top publications from around the world. .You can also follow the people of their interest and see what they are sharing and you can also share the stories among themselves.